Update: For up-to-date information, check out our USAID Staffer Tracker here.

Two more U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) nominees were confirmed by the Senate yesterday. Mark Feierstein is the new assistant administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean and Nisha Desai Biswal is the new assistant administrator for Asia. Our USAID Staffer Tracker is updated below. (Skipp Orr was also confirmed as the new U.S. director to the Asian Development Bank, the lead multilateral agency responding to the floods in Pakistan.)

These are a few more steps in the right direction. And it looks like the next two USAID nominees—Nancy Lindborg and Don Steinberg—have confirmation hearings scheduled for next Wednesday.  Let’s hope we see votes on these nominees in the few congressional working days left before the midterm elections. But even if that happens, USAID will still be missing more than half of its management team. While USAID is making progress in their new policy shop and on important procurement reforms and evaluation processes, USAID Administrator Shah needs a full crew to captain his ship. Today’s 3 for 12 is not enough.