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Independent research for global prosperity


Global Forest Watch Q&A

Forest policy expert Frances Seymour explains how WRI's new open-source platform can strengthen efforts to save the world’s remaining tropical forests.

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COD Aid How-To

William Savedoff and Rita Perakis answer donors’ six key questions about implementing Cash on Delivery Aid. 

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Growing AGOA

Senior fellows Ben Leo and Vijaya Ramachandran detail four trade-policy proposals to strengthen AGOA and boost US-Africa trade.  

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Better Business, Better Development

Unilever CEO Paul Polman, winner of the CGD/Foreign Policy Commitment to Development Award, explains why sustainable development is good for business. 

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Donors and a Data Revolution

To improve the quality and scope of basic development data in Africa, donors need to rethink how and what they fund. Amanda Glassman explains. 

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Energy Poverty in Africa

Todd Moss explains African energy poverty in seven graphics. See how the US could do more to help millions gain access to electricity. 

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DFID Has Hammer, Needs Nails

Owen Barder applauds DFID’s announced new focus on economic growth, but aid alone won't cut it.  Among what's missing: trade, migration, and subsidy reform.  

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Jobs in Africa

Vijaya Ramachandran and Leonardo Iacovone explore job creation in African firms and constraints that contribute to persistant under-employment. 

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The Median Is the Message

Nancy Birdsall and Christian Meyer make the case for using a country’s median income as a simple indicator of material well-being and shared development.

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Remittances Ain’t Windfalls

Michael Clemens urges new research that treats remittances—three times greater than aid flows—as returns on investment, not unexpected windfalls.

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