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Chocolate: More Trick Than Treat?

US trade policies have a hand in your candy bag this Halloween, blocking imports from countries that would benefit most from market access. Kim Elliott explains.

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Costing a Data Revolution

A coordinated wave of household surveys—important for tracking development goals—could be relatively cheap and easy, according to Justin Sandefur and co-author.

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Key Questions on Ebola

How much are we really spending? Does a travel ban make sense? Are there applicable lessons from HIV? What’s the economic impact? CGD experts weigh in.

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Living Under the Grid

Connecting to nearby electrical grids could bring power to 95 million in Africa and cost less than off-grid solutions. Ben Leo, Vij Ramachandran, and Rob Morello explain.

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Who Pollutes?

New research estimates greenhouse gas footprints across US households. Suburbs loom large with low density and inefficient transportation options.

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CGD Fellow Named Chief Economic Advisor of India

Arvind Subramanian has been appointed chief economic advisor to the Indian government. Nancy Birdsall offers congrats and recaps his work at CGD.

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Asian Development Bank

4 Steps to Lose Influence in Asia

US actions toward the Asian Development Bank are just the way to lose influence in the region. Scott Morris explains how to get it back.

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Indian Gov Embraces Biometrics

India brings anti-fraud biometrics to a new scale with a system tracking attendance of 50,000 public employees. More uses—and privacy concerns—to come.

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Why Forests? Why Now?

Jonah Busch summarizes work on the the science, economics, and politics of tropical forests, which have undervalued effects on both climate stability and development.

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WHO Hiring Reform

Ebola-battered WHO seeks its next regional director for Africa, but the job is filled behind closed doors. Amanda Glassman urges a transparent and merit-based process.

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