Tomek Nacho

Brexit is a Wake-Up Call for Development Economists

The Brexit vote illustrates what can happen when people feel their job opportunities are suffering due to liberalized trade policies. If we want open migration and trade policies, we need to focus on domestic job losses.

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Trade Policy book cover

Trade Policy and Negotiations

CGD’s examines how trade policies affect developing countries and what the shift from multilateralism to regional and bilateral trade negotiations means for more vulnerable members of the international system.

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woman working in Africa

Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

Consistent with CGD’s broad approach to development, our research posits that real economic empowerment for women will require approaches beyond those traditionally used (e.g. micro loans and grants, training programs, and mentorship networks.

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Innovative Finance

CGD’s work seeks to inform how we can structure effective partnerships between donors and private investors.

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Corruption Free Zone sign

Combatting Corruption

Corruption in foreign aid takes many forms and is generally viewed as an obstacle to social and economic progress in developing countries. Less clear is how donor agencies and governments should address it.

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Nancy Birdsall

Celebrating Global Impact for 15 Years… and Counting

Join like-minded global citizens working to promote prosperity by becoming a 2016 CGD Society member today.

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Tomek Nacho

Brexit: Threats and Opportunites for Global Development

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, there is much uncertainty about the effects of the decision on development. Owen Barder explains the potential consequences, for better or for worse.

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UK and EU Flags
Dave Kellam

United Europe: A Unique and Inspiring Enterprise

With the UK's European Union membership in the balance, Sir Brian Barder and Owen Barder make a final case for participating in "a shining example of international cooperation which inspires the rest of the world."

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Kerry and Helgesen shake hands

Forests in the Spotlight

On June 15, John Kerry and Vidar Helgesen signed a joint statement to protect forests. While the statement falls short on new commitments, it spotlights the critical importance of forests to climate objectives.

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Syrian refugees
Mstyslav Chernov

Welcome All "Survival Migrants"

Despite current migration policies, the line between fleeing persecution and seeking economic opportunity is blurred. Owen Barder and Hannah Postel call for greater protections for all survival migrants.

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