The Future History of Climate Change

Lawrence MacDonald and Jing Cao offer a glimpse into a future where carbon pricing has brought the world back from the brink of irreversible climate change. 

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The US Budget and Development

CGD’s policy outreach team offers eight takeaways for development from the recently passed CRomnibus bill keeping the government’s lights on. 

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Join the 2015 CGD Society Today!

Nancy Birdsall invites you to join CGD’s network of global citizens dedicated to independent research and policy ideas for a better, more prosperous world. 

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Lessons for Lima

New CGD research shows how commitments to curb deforestation were forged in previous climate negotiations and what the lessons are for the COP20 in Lima.

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Making Sense of the Alphabet Soup

As PbR is added to the development lexicon, Rita Perakis and Bill Savedoff explain the differences between all the performance-based payment approaches.

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MCC Selection

The Millennium Challenge Corporation decides next week which countries qualify for MCC support. Sarah Rose explains why the choice is tougher than usual. 

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Subnational Health Spending

How could public health spending at the subnational level be more efficient and effective? A new CGD working group investigates, starting in India.

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World AIDS Day: Targeting Infections

Mead Over commends UNAIDS for ambitious new targets to reduce new HIV infections. The hard work, he says, is still to come.

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A Risky Proposition

Alan Gelb explains why more countries are investing sovereign wealth at home, often in infrastructure, and how to avoid risks like cronyism and volatility.

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Ending the Exaggeration of Aid

The current rules for what counts as official development assistance are a mess. Owen Barder and Stephan Klasen propose how to clean them up.

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