Most Popular Blogs Posts of 2015

In case you missed it: labor discrimination and the sustainable development goals, the effects of access to microcredit, weighing in on worm wars, and more. No cats.

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Donald Kaberuka Joins CGD

Having recently completed two successful terms as president of the African Development Bank, Donald Kaberuka joins CGD as a distinguished visiting fellow.

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Make Your Giving Global: Join CGD’s 2016 Society

Join like-minded global citizens working to promote prosperity by becoming a CGD Society member today.

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CDI 2015

The Commitment to Development Index

How do rich countries’ policies affect the world’s poorest people? The results are in on CGD’s 2015 Commitment to Development Index. Interactive data, video, podcast, and brief.

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White House and the World

New Proposals for the Next US President

Nancy Birdsall on global public goods; Nazanin Ash on modernizing engagement with the Middle East.

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Gayle Smith Confirmed as USAID Administrator

Now that the US Senate has confirmed Gayle Smith as USAID's new administrator, Casey Dunning proposes four goals for her to focus on in the final months of the Obama administration.

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World AIDS Day

Mead Over offers highlights from UNAIDS’ new strategy to combat HIV/AIDS. Amanda Glassman says cash transfers can help reduce new HIV infections among girls and young women.

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flickr World Bank Photo Collection: https://flic.kr/p/jqC6WJ

The Facts about Refugees

Michael Clemens has an antidote for fear-based anti-refugee rhetoric — the facts. Here’s one: decades of research show no link between immigration and crime.

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The Paris Climate Agreement

Frances Seymour explains why the Paris climate agreement is good news for the climate, for development, and for forests.

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Nathan Sheets

Treasury Under Secretary Nathan Sheets on De-risking

Under Secretary of the US Treasury Nathan Sheets speaks about the need to address bank de-risking while keeping the financial system sound. Vijaya Ramachandran and Matt Juden sum up the event.

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