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Jobs in Africa

Vijaya Ramachandran and Leonardo Iacovone explore job creation in African firms and constraints that contribute to persistant under-employment. 

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The Median Is the Message

Nancy Birdsall and Christian Meyer make the case for using a country’s median income as a simple indicator of material well-being and shared development.

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Remittances Ain’t Windfalls

Michael Clemens urges new research that treats remittances—three times greater than aid flows—as returns on investment, not unexpected windfalls.

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Congress Should Help Not Hinder USAID

US Congress limits on a little-known but highly effective USAID program are bad for development and US tax payers. Ben Leo proposes a sensible fix.

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Unchain the World Bank

Scott Morris and Devesh Kapur argue the World Bank must be unchained from its capital constraints and grow to remain relevant.

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Getting to Denmark

Denmark tops the Commitment to Development Index without leading in a single category. All countries can improve just by learning from the strengths of others.

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SOTU Hopes

Write your own State of the Union. CGD experts offer suggestions. 

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The Upside of Down

Charles Kenny argues in a new book that the end of US and European dominance could be the start of a better world for everyone.

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One Percent Solution

Beth Schwanke unpacks the foreign affairs bit of the US FY14 omnibus appropriations bill, with an eye to the 1 percent that’s foreign aid.

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Party Over in Latin America?

The bonanza years are over for Latin America, says Liliana Rojas-Suarez. So what comes next?

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