Nancy Birdsall to Step Down as CGD President

Nancy Birdsall is to step down as CGD president in 2016, once a successor is in place. She will stay with the Center as a senior fellow.

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G-20 Expectations

As the G-20 Summit approaches, CGD experts weigh in with recommendations and expectations on climate change finance, energy access, and financial inclusion.

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Are Anti–Money Laundering Policies Hurting Poor Countries?

A new report explains how efforts to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism can undermine development. The working group recommends ways to reduce unintended consequences while making us safer.

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Results-Based Financing

Bill Savedoff reflects on two aspects of paying directly for results that are crucial to success: independent verification and autonomy for the recipients.

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No Magic Bullet for Inequality

We have the tools to reduce inequality, but it takes the hard work of building better institutions. Anit Mukherjee recaps an event with IMF deputy managing director Min Zhu and CGD’s Nora Lustig.

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MCC’s Tanzania Compact Raises Questions

MCC hopes to advance a proposed second compact with Tanzania, but as Sarah Rose explains, the absence of cost-benefit analysis could make approval a tough decision for the agency’s board.

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look to the forests report

Look to the Forests

In the absence of robust carbon markets, performance-based funding to reduce emissions from deforestation is a key way donors can provide incentives tropical countries need to curtail forest loss.

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TPP Good and Bad

Trade ministers have reached a deal that could support developing countries, or leave them out in the cold. Kim Elliott offers first impressions.

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Humanitarian Cash Transfers

The High Level Panel on Humanitarian Cash Transfers concludes that giving cash instead of goods can be a better way to reduce suffering and help more people – and fix flaws in the humanitarian system.

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Ending Global Poverty

Peter Edward and Andy Sumner look at 25 years of growth and ask: what would it take to end poverty? For $2/day poverty, modest redistribution would do it. Higher lines would take something more radical.

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