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How to Improve the SDGs

Charles Kenny kicks off a series of blog posts scrutinizing the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. We propose small tweaks with big impact.

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US-Mexico Wage Gap Expanding

NAFTA has failed to foster the US-Mexico wage convergence it was intended for. Michael Clemens explains what closing the gap would require. 

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Strengthening India’s Health Policy

Anit Mukherjee says India’s new National Health Policy doesn’t go far enough and suggests ways it could be improved—from better financing schemes to priority setting.   

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The Future of US Development Policy

The needs of developing countries have changed. Ben Leo and Todd Moss argue for a US Development Finance Corp. to bring US policy up to speed. 

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LA Times

Why Banks Are Deserting Developing-Country Clients

Regulations against money laundering and financing terrorism are impeding the flow of remittances, a source of revenue far greater than aid. Clay Lowery explains why

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Ending US-China Discord over the AIIB

Scott Morris explains US-China discord over the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and how the two countries could end it, for their own good and for the region. 

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Evidence Shows Corruption Harms HIV/AIDS Treatment

Willa Friedman finds corruption affects whether—and which—HIV/AIDS patients receive antiretroviral drugs in sub-Saharan Africa, leading to fewer saved lives.

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Business Standard

India’s Big Climate Move

Recent revisions to India’s tax policy will give states new incentive to maintain forests. Jonah Busch explains (and celebrates) the change. 

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Mans Unides

Banking on Disaster?

Curious about catastrophe bonds? Theo Talbot and Owen Barder explain how they might help stem future global emergencies. 

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Zimbabwe’s Economic Meltdown: An Insider’s View

Hyperinflation. Food shortages. Political conflict. These are just a few of the issues Tendai Biti faced as finance minister. He tells the story in a new essay.  

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