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What’s Wrong with African Productivity?

In Africa, islands of high productivity exist in a sea of meager productivity. Alan Gelb and Vij Ramachandran examine why.

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Letters to The Lancet

Victoria Fan and co-authors analyze letters to the editor of The Lancet and discover worrisome holes in the peer review of the journal’s social science research.

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Building a Better Dashboard

The US State Department’s dashboard now tracks 96 percent of America’s foreign assistance. Sarah Rose tells what took so long and offers tips for improvement.

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Millions Saved 3

Global health advances save millions of lives. Amanda Glassman gives a sneak peak of the success stories to be featured in the third edition of CGD’s most popular book. 

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World Bank

Scraping the Bank

Justin Sandefur and Sarah Dykstra recently scraped the World Bank’s PovcalNet data set and made it publicly available. Listen to them explain how the story unfolded.

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Businesses Back REDD+

Hundreds of companies pledge support for REDD+ and urge governments to act. Read Frances Seymour's take on the Consumer Goods Forum's announcement.

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Summer Reading List

Arvind Subramanian shares an eclectic selection of his favorite fiction and nonfiction titles on economic development.

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End the Evaluation Wars

As partisans in the debate over randomized control trials dig in, Bill Savedoff urges a truce: evaluation methods can only be compared in context.

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Exit the Dragon?

A Chinese slowdown could mean hard times for Latin America, warn former top financial officials. Liliana Rojas-Suarez explains in a blog and Wonkcast.

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Has Fairtrade Failed?

Recent reports say yes, but there’s more to the story according to Matt Collin and Theo Talbot.

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