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Progress on Health Priority Setting

Amanda Glassman celebrates a new UK–Gates Foundation initiative that will help countries and donors get more health for their money.

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Mans Unides

Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned

Awful for the rich, catastrophic for the poor — Jonah Busch distills an alarming new report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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Moving Up and Out

In a new paper, Michael Clemens discovers that rising incomes in poor countries means more migration, not less.

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Carrots for Ukraine, Sticks for Russia

Scott Morris shows what the international financial institutions can do in response to Crimea.

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Illicit Financial Flows in Africa

A new AfDB report finds illicit financial flows drained $1 trillion from Africa since 1980. Alex Cobham tells how transparency can stanch the flows.

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World Water Week

Briscoe Wins Stockholm Water Prize

CGD visiting fellow John Briscoe, advocate of large infrastructure, wins the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize for his CGD-like fusion of research and policy.

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IMF and Ukraine

Birdsall to Congress: Want to help Ukraine and save money? Pass the IMF reform package!

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Ukraine, Russia, and the EBRD

The EBRD was created to support countries transitioning to democracy, but the bank gives far more to Russia than Ukraine. Scott Morris explains.

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Hating on MCC’s Hurdle

Casey Dunning and Charles Kenny make the case for reforming the MCC’s approach to measuring corruption.

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Beyond the Fence

CGD’s new Beyond the Fence study group sheds light on how US policies shape illicit cross-border markets (drugs, guns, labor) with impacts in Mexico and beyond.

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