Should Countries Be More Like Shopping Malls? A Proposal for Service Performance Guarantees for Africa

Countries More Like Shopping Malls?

Service performance guarantees could help African countries attract investors much as malls lure tenants with good services. Vij Ramachandran and Alan Gelb explain. 

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USAID’s Frontiers in Development

Casey Dunning recaps USAID’s two-day conference doggedly focused on ending extreme poverty — and on Africa. That’s a good thing, she says. 

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Putting Hospitals on the Global Health Agenda

Putting Hospitals on the Global Health Agenda

CGD’s Hospitals for Health working group seeks feedback on its draft report outlining how to improve hospitals in developing countries while investing in primary care. 

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REDD+ by the Numbers

Ahead of the UN Climate Summit, a new CGD/ODI working paper draws back the curtain on funding for forests and climate change. 

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Obama Acts on Ebola—and a Voice from the Frontlines

Amanda Glassman welcomes President Obama’s pledge to commit the US military and $500 million to fight Ebola. A letter from a Liberian official shows why. 

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Shaping the Post-2015 Agenda

CGD experts pitch UN General Assembly participants post-2015 development proposals on birth registration, data quality, illicit finance, and more. 

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Poverty Line Politics

Lant Pritchett says a goal of eliminating extreme poverty is too narrow-minded. He gives three reasons for including the middle class.

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MCC without Borders?

Could MCC’s future partnerships include regional and sub-national compacts? Sarah Rose explores the upsides and challenges.

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Paying for Results

Owen Barder and colleagues share 12 principles for Payment by Results for more effective and transparent aid.

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Latin America’s “Pacific Alliance”

The Pacific Alliance trade agreement is one of the few bright spots in Latin America’s integration efforts. Guillermo Perry explains.

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