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Sustainable Development Goals Remixed

CGD experts take a closer look at the proposed SDGs and make suggestions for more ambition and precision.

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Antibiotics on the Farm

Kim Elliott explores how antibiotic use in livestock creates the perfect environment for drug-resistant bacteria and what risks this practice bears for the poor.

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Tanzania natural resource poll

Poll: How Would You Beat the Resource Curse?

Research by CGD and partners is polling Tanzanians about how their country should spend its natural gas revenues. See how your answers compare.

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World Bank at 75

The World Bank at 75

As the World Bank's 75th birthday approaches (2019), Scott Morris and Madeleine Gleave show how it might adapt to changing times and development needs. 

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Ben Leo Testify

Fixing US Development Policy

Ben Leo says the United States is losing influence in the developing world and suggests modernized development finance as a fix. Testimony | Podcast | Policy Paper

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Birth and Civil Registration in Indonesia

Alan Gelb reports back from Lombok, Indonesia, on the country's use of innovative local clinics to increase rates of birth registration.

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Road to Addis
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How to Improve the SDGs

Charles Kenny kicks off a series of blog posts scrutinizing the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. We propose small tweaks with big impact.

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US-Mexico Wage Gap Expanding

NAFTA has failed to foster the US-Mexico wage convergence it was intended for. Michael Clemens explains what closing the gap would require. 

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Strengthening India’s Health Policy

Anit Mukherjee says India’s new National Health Policy doesn’t go far enough and suggests ways it could be improved—from better financing schemes to priority setting.   

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The Future of US Development Policy

The needs of developing countries have changed. Ben Leo and Todd Moss argue for a US Development Finance Corp. to bring US policy up to speed. 

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