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Why African Stats Are Often Wrong

Amanda Glassman and Justin Sandefur show it’s no accident African development statistics often overstate progress. It’s the (political) economy, stupid. 

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Tax Fossil Fuel Now

Christine Lagarde says governments shouldn’t wait for a climate agreement to get energy prices right. New IMF research shows taxing fossil fuels offers benefits now.

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Empowering Girls

Government and NGO leaders applaud UK and US efforts to end female genital mutilation and child and forced marriage in a generation at the DC Girl Summit.

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Embassy of Equatorial Guinea

US-Africa Summit

On the eve of the first-ever US-Africa Leaders Summit, Todd Moss shares hopes and fears; Kimberly Elliott focuses on trade and investment.

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World Bank

Blind Procurement Reform

Charles Kenny lambasts the World Bank’s “zero evidence” procurement reform and shows just how much could be learned from the wealth of data already on hand.

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Mega Trade Deals

Kim Elliott reviews the implications of two mega US trade deals and says that poor countries are on the outside looking in. Harsha Singh comments in a wonkcast. 

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Drug Policy and Violence

New research shows how cocaine seizures in Colombia caused a 20 percent jump in homicides in Mexico. Michael Clemens explains the findings and implications.

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Assessing Aid Quality

Which donors are best at delivering aid? Nancy Birdsall and Homi Kharas update their assessment of the quality of ODA. Use our spider charts to check your agency’s scores. 

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Bread for the World

The (Small) Price of Female Empowerment

New research in Tanzania finds that even small incentives to include women on land titles can bring about almost complete gender parity in land ownership.

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The Big Election You Might Have Missed

You wouldn’t know it from US media, but the fourth largest country just went to the polls. Frances Seymour on Indonesia and the stakes for forest conservation.

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