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When Aid Increases Violence

Willa Friedman unpacks two careful studies with disturbing findings: sometimes aid increases violence. 

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More Money, More Migration

Michael Clemens explains that growing income fosters more migration, not less, and that letting people go can be better for a country than making them stay.

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To MCC’s New CEO

Ben Leo suggests a short list of priorities for Dana Hyde, the new CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corp.

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Thank You for a Great Year

Take a look back at what made 2013 a landmark year for CGD. Annual report with video and pics.

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Migration Meets Development

Michael Clemens celebrates new evidence that research linking migration and development has grown in volume and scope.

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CIA Nixes Vaccines as Cover

The White House has announced that the CIA will no longer use vaccine programs as cover. Charles Kenny wants you to help spread the news far and wide. 

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Surprise Win on Financial Secrecy

Alex Cobham tells why US participation in a new tax information-sharing agreement is good for development and what needs to happen next.

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Top-Notch Transparency

CGD has been rated one of the most transparent think tanks worldwide, earning five stars for its open disclosure of funding. 

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What Works in Malaria Control?

Amanda Glassaman highlights the challenges of evaluating national malaria programs and asks for help finding a malaria case study for an upcoming book. 

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Committing to Equity

CGD non-resident fellow Nora Lustig is leading a new partnership focused on data-based solutions for reducing inequality. 

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