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David Cameron
10 Downing Street

The UK Election and Development

Rajesh Mirchandani explores what the Conservative-only government might mean for development policy.

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Women in field
CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

WTO Food Security Fix

WTO negotiations have failed repeatedly to resolve disagreements over agricultural subsidies. Kim Elliott proposes a fix to end the latest impasse.

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Anne-Marie Slaughter

The New QDDR

Anne-Marie Slaughter, architect of the first Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR), discusses its sequel in a new podcast. 

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ADB logo

ADB’s Bold Move

CGD experts explain why the ADB’s innovative financial restructuring is not only needed now, but essential for enabling future reforms.

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Middle class India
Flickr user Eric Parker

The Middle Class and Good Governance

The rise of the global middle class is cause for optimism—if it continues to get richer and bigger. Nancy Birdsall explains.

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Dana Hyde

MCC’s Next Ten Years

MCC CEO Dana Hyde talks about the agency’s future, commitment to transparency, and pursuit of innovative approaches for delivering results.

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poor countries declining

A Future Beyond Aid

To meet the SDGs, Owen Barder says we’ll need new mind-sets, new institutions, new skills, and a greater focus on the “beyond aid” agenda.

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AfDB Candidates in the Spotlight

Candidates to be the next leader of the African Development Bank share their visions for the institution's future and explain what they would bring to the table.

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The Hindu

The Taxman Cometh

Domestic resource mobilization is the hot Addis and SDG topic, but can it be done equitably? And how can the United States help?

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7 Reasons to Celebrate This Earth Day

7 Reasons to Celebrate This Earth Day

Countries and cities are stepping up to tackle climate change. Jonah Busch presents hopeful stories from around the globe.

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