25 Lessons for Education

25 Best Ideas for Education

School systems are failing — here are 25 ways to stop the tumble.

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Who Holds Power at the AIIB?

Scott Morris combs through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s articles of agreement for clues about voting power and board composition.

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Addis Beyond Aid

With the Financing for Development Conference around the corner, Charles Kenny explains why it will take a lot more than aid from member states to deliver on the ambitious post-2015 development agenda.

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Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner

Jonah Busch and Sara del Fierro break down the list of past invitees to White House State Dinners. Guess who’s been left out.

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Electrify Africa

New Energy for Africa

Revamped US legislation aims to add 50 million to the power grid in sub-Saharan Africa. Beth Schwanke reveals the real power in this effort; Todd Moss says inconsistent policy could undermine it.

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Financing for Development July 2015

CGD experts show how the Financing for Development Conference, taking place now in Addis Ababa, can best support the post-2015 development agenda. This week: Owen Barder reports from the field.

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Evaluating Women's Empowerment

Evaluating Women’s Empowerment

Practitioners, funders, and researchers discuss the challenges and opportunities in measuring and evaluating women’s economic empowerment programs.

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What New Leadership Could Mean for USAID

What New Leadership Could Mean for USAID

Casey Dunning tells us what she learned from a recent appearance by President Obama’s nominee for USAID administrator, Gayle Smith, before a Senate Committee.

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Rising to the Education Challenge

It's time to pivot from schooling goals to learning goals. Leading researchers issue a call to arms.

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More Harm Than Good?

Aerial spraying has been central to Colombia’s antinarcotic efforts, but a new study links it to significant increases in miscarriages and respiratory problems.

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