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Financing for Development July 2015

CGD experts show how the Financing for Development Conference, taking place now in Addis Ababa, can best support the post-2015 development agenda. This week: Owen Barder reports from the field.

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Evaluating Women's Empowerment

Evaluating Women’s Empowerment

Practitioners, funders, and researchers discuss the challenges and opportunities in measuring and evaluating women’s economic empowerment programs.

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What New Leadership Could Mean for USAID

What New Leadership Could Mean for USAID

Casey Dunning tells us what she learned from a recent appearance by President Obama’s nominee for USAID administrator, Gayle Smith, before a Senate Committee.

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Flickr user Tom Maisey

Rising to the Education Challenge

It's time to pivot from schooling goals to learning goals. Leading researchers issue a call to arms.

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US News Daily

More Harm Than Good?

Aerial spraying has been central to Colombia’s antinarcotic efforts, but a new study links it to significant increases in miscarriages and respiratory problems.

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Refugee camp

Reinventing Humanitarian Aid

Where disaster strikes is not predictable, but the cost of responding is. Lord Malloch-Brown explores how disaster response can be more timely, efficient, and effective.

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Asian infrastructure

The Real Deal with the AIIB

Scott Morris explains the motivation behind creating the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the real message it should send to the United States.

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Oil to Cash

Avoiding the Resource Curse

Oil to Cash explores how to overcome corruption and build accountability by distributing natural-resource wealth—and taxing some of it back.

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Tobacco tax

The Best Health Policy in the World

The single most cost-effective way to save lives in developing countries is in the hands of developing countries themselves: raising tobacco taxes. Bill Savedoff explains.

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Paris Is for Climate Lovers

Paris? We Say Bonn

Jonah Busch has advice for Paris 2015 climate teams meeting now in Bonn: don’t sacrifice effectiveness, efficiency, and equity for short-term political acceptability.

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