End the Evaluation Wars

As partisans in the debate over randomized control trials dig in, Bill Savedoff urges a truce: evaluation methods can only be compared in context.

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Exit the Dragon?

A Chinese slowdown could mean hard times for Latin America, warn former top financial officials. Liliana Rojas-Suarez explains in a blog and Wonkcast.

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Has Fairtrade Failed?

Recent reports say yes, but there’s more to the story according to Matt Collin and Theo Talbot.

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Slashing Subsidies to Save Lives

Kim Elliott applauds legislation that could help US food aid save more lives by replacing special-interest subsidies with greater flexibility and efficiency.

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ODA Count in Crisis

David Roodman says the sytem of counting official development assistance is in crisis, with profitable lending qualifying as aid. New blog and policy paper.

Pictured: OECD Secretary-General José Ángel Gurría and former DAC Chair J. Brian Atwood

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Stopping Deforestation

Jonah Busch and Kalifi Ferretti-Gallon’s meta-analysis of 117 spacially explicit studies shows what drives deforestation and what stops it. Lessons for REDD+.

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30 Million New Smokers

Tobacco companies hooked 30 million new smokers last year and could kill a billion this century. Bill Savedoff on why global anti-tobacco efforts have stalled.

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When Aid Increases Violence

Willa Friedman unpacks two careful studies with disturbing findings: sometimes aid increases violence. 

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More Money, More Migration

Michael Clemens explains that growing income fosters more migration, not less, and that letting people go can be better for a country than making them stay.

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To MCC’s New CEO

Ben Leo suggests a short list of priorities for Dana Hyde, the new CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corp.

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