Tomek Nacho

Brexit: Threats and Opportunites for Global Development

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, there is much uncertainty about the effects of the decision on development. Owen Barder explains the potential consequences, for better or for worse.

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UK and EU Flags
Dave Kellam

United Europe: A Unique and Inspiring Enterprise

With the UK's European Union membership in the balance, Sir Brian Barder and Owen Barder make a final case for participating in "a shining example of international cooperation which inspires the rest of the world."

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Kerry and Helgesen shake hands

Forests in the Spotlight

On June 15, John Kerry and Vidar Helgesen signed a joint statement to protect forests. While the statement falls short on new commitments, it spotlights the critical importance of forests to climate objectives.

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Syrian refugees
Mstyslav Chernov

Welcome All "Survival Migrants"

Despite current migration policies, the line between fleeing persecution and seeking economic opportunity is blurred. Owen Barder and Hannah Postel call for greater protections for all survival migrants.

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Improving Health Aid in the Face of Scandal

Is suspending health aid an effective response to corruption? Bill Savedoff, Amanda Glassman, and Janeen Madan advocate using health program outcomes—rather than corruption levels—as the guiding benchmark for donor decisions.

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Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Anthony Gale

Refugees and Asylum-Seekers: Getting the Facts Straight

In Europe, the debate over refugees and asylum-seekers has been plagued by inflated figures, confused labels, and political gridlock. In honor of World Refugee Day, Owen Barder and Hannah Postel shed some light on the facts.

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Simone McCourtie/World Bank

10 Recommendations to Maximize Technology's Impact on Development

New technologies boost development, but their impact is largely determined by the context of design and rollout. Charles Kenny uncovers 10 key lessons on how donors can achieve maximum impact.

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World Humanitarian Summit
World Humanitarian Summit

Fixing the Humanitarian System

The humanitarian aid system requires more than funding—a fundamental transformation. Owen Barder and Theo Talbot report on last week's World Humanitarian Summit.

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Development Impact Screen for OPIC

Traffic Lights for OPIC

Stop, slow, or go! Using stoplight screens could help the Overseas Private Investment Corporation balance competing objectives and prioritize projects based on their development impact.

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Coffee and an e-cigarette

Tobacco: Control or Eradication?

Does focusing on harm reduction mean letting go of the “endgame”—a completely tobacco-free future? Bill Savedoff wrestles with how best to combat tobacco use around the globe.

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