Ebola Funding Too Little Too Late?

Not quite. Funding surpassed appeals for $1.5 billion, but a faster response could have saved lives and money. Amanda Glassman and Karen Grépin explain. 

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Premium Times Nigeria

Something Rotten in Nigeria

Nigeria delays its elections citing the fight against Boko Haram as the reason. Todd Moss shares his five reasons why the delay seems fishy, and why it matters. 

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Infrastructure for Africa

Africans’ own top development priority is infrastructure, especially in poorer countries. New CGD research examines this demand and its policy implications.   

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Fuel vs. Food

With US and EU support, biofuels have contributed to higher food prices and greenhouse gas emissions. Kim Elliott has ideas for policy reform. 

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UK Beyond Aid

Owen Barder welcomes the House of Commons’ “Future of UK Development” report, agreeing that rich countries must embrace development policies beyond aid. 

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Obama and Modi
Hindustan Times

Are Rich Countries Reliable?

Lant Pritchett says rich countries are becoming fickle partners by shying away from the development goals of poor countries in favor of a more narrow agenda. 

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MCC at Ten

Sarah Rose and Franck Wiebe analyze the first ten years of the MCC, assessing the agency's performance and making recommendations for its second decade.

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The Future of Aid

Bill Savedoff looks into the future and says the primary role of foreign aid will be to collectively finance impact evaluations. 

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The Final Word on Microcredit?

The results of six randomized control trials and over a decade of research disappoint microcredit proponents. Justin Sandefur explains. 

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