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Ukraine, Russia, and the EBRD

The EBRD was created to support countries transitioning to democracy, but the bank gives far more to Russia than Ukraine. Scott Morris explains.

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Hating on MCC’s Hurdle

Casey Dunning and Charles Kenny make the case for reforming the MCC’s approach to measuring corruption.

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Beyond the Fence

CGD’s new Beyond the Fence study group sheds light on how US policies shape illicit cross-border markets (drugs, guns, labor) with impacts in Mexico and beyond.

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Reviving the G-20 Infrastructure Agenda

Senior associate Scott Morris offers practical suggestions for reviving the G-20’s stagnant infrastructure agenda.  

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Obama’s Development Budget

Casey Dunning calls President Obama’s budget “edgy” for pushing specific development initiatives amid flat funding. See what’s in, what’s out.

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Two POVs on RCTs

Randomized controlled trials have their champions and detractors. Lant Pritchett and Jessica Goldberg give two separate takes on the topic.

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Europe Beyond Aid: Technology

European countries’ commitment to technology creation and transfer has declined over time and lags behind the commitment and effort of other developed countries.

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Global Forest Watch Q&A

Forest policy expert Frances Seymour explains how WRI's new open-source platform can strengthen efforts to save the world’s remaining tropical forests.

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COD Aid How-To

William Savedoff and Rita Perakis answer donors’ six key questions about implementing Cash on Delivery Aid. 

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Growing AGOA

Senior fellows Ben Leo and Vijaya Ramachandran detail four trade-policy proposals to strengthen AGOA and boost US-Africa trade.  

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