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World AIDS Day Roundup

AIDS Day sparks fresh analysis by CGD experts Mead Over, Amanda Glassman, Victoria Fan, and others. Jenny Ottenhoff pulls it all together. 

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Is Anyone Listening?

How well does US development assistance match the concerns of the people it is meant to help? Not so much, according to new research by Ben Leo. 

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COP19 Progress on Tropical Forests

Jonah Busch celebrates a Warsaw agreement on rules governing payments for protection of tropical forests—a win for climate and development.

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Savings by and for the Poor

In a new CGD working paper Dean Karlan and co-authors identify five barriers that cause poor people to save less than they would otherwise.

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Guest-Worker Programs That Work

Michael Clemens describes successful guest worker programs in New Zealand and Canada. He suggests the US follow suit.

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Where to Put the Windmills?

South Africa is among the 130 countries with renewable energy targets. Kevin Ummel shows how spatiotemporal planning can minimize intermittency—and cut costs.

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Philippines Call for Aid Transparency

The Philippines has launched a foreign aid information hub and gently encouraged donors to follow through on their own transparency pledges.

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MCC Country Selection? It’s Complicated

Sarah Rose counters criticism of MCC’s country-selection process and explains why accurately measuring control of corruption isn’t an easy task.

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We Rank the Rich, and Denmark’s on Top

Denmark tops this year’s Commitment to Development Index with strong scores on aid, finance, and security. The UK is seventh and the US is tied for 19th.

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Giving Up on Development?

Readers respond to Lant Pritchett’s contention that focusing on ending extreme poverty means giving up on development. Join the conversation.

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