TPP Good and Bad

Trade ministers have reached a deal that could support developing countries, or leave them out in the cold. Kim Elliott offers first impressions.

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Humanitarian Cash Transfers

The High Level Panel on Humanitarian Cash Transfers concludes that giving cash instead of goods can be a better way to reduce suffering and help more people – and fix flaws in the humanitarian system.

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Ending Global Poverty

Peter Edward and Andy Sumner look at 25 years of growth and ask: what would it take to end poverty? For $2/day poverty, modest redistribution would do it. Higher lines would take something more radical.

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The Future of Forests

New research shows an area of tropical forest the size of India will be lost by 2050 without countervailing policies, and that preserving forests is an affordable way to reduce dangerous carbon emissions.

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Sustainable Development Goals

On September 25, world leaders formally adopted a new set of global goals that UN member states aim to achieve in the next 15 years. Next up: the challenge of implementing this ambitious agenda.

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Lant Pritchett visits classroom in India

Around the World for Education Research

Lant Pritchett calls it “crazy ambitious.” The RISE initiative plans to study education systems reform in five countries over six years; CGD directs the research agenda.

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Food Security

Food Security Post-2015

Peter Timmer explains how poor countries can help end hunger, with lessons from the few that have done so. It takes sustained, shared economic growth and action to stabilize the food economy.

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CGD Summer Reads

Looking to unwind? Get a glimpse of the books CGD experts are reading this summer with our annual reading list.

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PEPFAR Opens Up on Data

After PEPFAR’s recent and welcome commitment to data transparency, Charles Kenny says a further move toward open contracting could help other government agencies follow suit.

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Join the CGD Society today!

Nancy Birdsall invites you to join CGD’s efforts to reduce poverty and inequality.

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