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Global Poverty Falls by Half?

New numbers suggest that the number people living in absolute poverty “fell” by nearly half. Sarah Dykstra, Charles Kenny, and Justin Sandefur explain what that means.  

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Nigeria’s Aid Charade

Time to end aid to Nigeria? Ben Leo says Africa’s biggest economy could mobilize more homegrown money for development if its tax revenues were more like its peers.

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MCC: The Case for Second Compacts

Sarah Rose gives five reasons why the Millennium Challenge Corp. should have the flexibility to pursue second (and even subsequent) compacts.

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Summers on US IFI Leadership

Lawrence Summers, new CGD board chair, says greater US leadership at the international financial institutions is important for global peace.

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Scarcity Wonkcast

Best-selling author Sendhil Mullainathan tells how behavioral responses to scarcity can hurt the poor as much as having too few resources.

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Consensus in Congress?

Ben Leo explains how legislation aimed at extending energy access in Africa won bipartisan support.

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Pete Souza, White House

US Global Development Council

Nancy Birdsall and Ben Leo hail the inaugural report of President Obama’s Global Development Council as an “excellent blueprint.”

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This Earth Day, Save a Forest

Planting trees is a popular Earth Day pastime; Jonah Busch suggests more impactful alternatives to help end deforestation.

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First DIB!

The UK has announced it will back a Development Impact Bond to prevent sleeping sickness in Uganda, putting a CGD proposal for innovative financing to the test.

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From Maize to Haze

What can the weather in Iowa tell us about the drug trade in Mexico? A new working paper explains.

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