Development Impact Screen for OPIC

Traffic Lights for OPIC

Stop, slow, or go! Using stoplight screens could help the Overseas Private Investment Corporation balance competing objectives and prioritize projects based on their development impact.

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Coffee and an e-cigarette

Tobacco: Control or Eradication?

Does focusing on harm reduction mean letting go of the “endgame”—a completely tobacco-free future? Bill Savedoff wrestles with how best to combat tobacco use around the globe.

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Lessons Learned: Ebola and Exclusion

Cultural practices or poverty rates may have explained varying Ebola infection rates across West Africa, but Souleymane Soumahoro's data expose a more unsettling consideration: political marginalization.

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Jim Kim David Miliband Event

Bridging the Humanitarian-Development Divide

How should the world respond to the global refugee crisis? Jim Kim and David Miliband discuss the urgent need for greater collaboration between the humanitarian and development sectors in this CGD podcast and event.

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Anti-Corruption Summit

Progress on Open Contracting

The UK government’s latest pledge on public contracting is a victory for transparency and accountability. Charles Kenny explains why the Open Contracting movement has cause for celebration.

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Corruption billboard
Philip Schuler/World Bank

Tackling Global Corruption

Can the UK government’s anti-corruption summit this week help to stifle corruption and propel development across rich and poor countries? Owen Barder and Charles Kenny call for concrete action.

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Figure 1: Who Gets Tested?

Global Standardized Testing

More children are going to school, but are they learning anything? Justin Sandefur explains how better international comparisons of learning outcomes could help keep the poorest students from slipping through the cracks.

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Helen Clark

Aid Transparency

Donors are making decent progress on aid transparency, but the newly released Aid Transparency Index reveals there’s a ways to go. Owen Barder charts a path forward.

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Glassman Testimony

Ebola Testimony to Congress

Regaining ground after Ebola will take a strategic commitment to recovery, enhanced measures to improve global health security, and a tracking system to ensure accountability. 

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More Than A Light Bulb

Redefining Energy Access

The UN's definition of modern energy access sets the bar far too low for countries to meet their development goals. See how new standards can benefit the world’s energy poor. Report, video, and brief.

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