The Next Financial Crisis

How would emerging economies handle another global financial crisis? Liliana Rojas-Suarez’s new resilience test shows Argentina and India should be worried. 

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USAID’s Future Leadership

What characteristics matter most for the next USAID administrator, and what should be at the top of her or his agenda? Ben Leo and Casey Dunning sound off. 

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OECD Development Centre

Who Will Succeed Kaberuka at the AfDB?

The African Development Bank is holding an open and competitive process to select its next president. Todd Moss shares what he would ask the eight candidates.

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Middle East Stability

Nazanin Ash calls on US engagement to focus more on stability and growth. The twice proposed—and twice rejected—Middle East Incentive Fund could help.

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Government of Mexico

Does Results-Based Aid Work?

Some RBA programs work by increasing attention to results, but few actually pay for outcomes. Perakis and Savedoff say donors still need to be more hands-off. 

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Raj Shah’s Parting Interview

The USAID administrator discussed his tenure and the future of USAID with CGD’s Rajesh Mirchandani just days before stepping down. Podcast and video.

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Ebola Funding Too Little Too Late?

Not quite. Funding surpassed appeals for $1.5 billion, but a faster response could have saved lives and money. Amanda Glassman and Karen Grépin explain. 

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Premium Times Nigeria

Something Rotten in Nigeria

Nigeria delays its elections citing the fight against Boko Haram as the reason. Todd Moss shares his five reasons why the delay seems fishy, and why it matters. 

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Flickr user Adam Cohn

Infrastructure for Africa

Africans’ own top development priority is infrastructure, especially in poorer countries. New CGD research examines this demand and its policy implications.   

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