LA Times

Why Banks Are Deserting Developing-Country Clients

Regulations against money laundering and financing terrorism are impeding the flow of remittances, a source of revenue far greater than aid. Clay Lowery explains why

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Ending US-China Discord over the AIIB

Scott Morris explains US-China discord over the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and how the two countries could end it, for their own good and for the region. 

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Evidence Shows Corruption Harms HIV/AIDS Treatment

Willa Friedman finds corruption affects whether—and which—HIV/AIDS patients receive antiretroviral drugs in sub-Saharan Africa, leading to fewer saved lives.

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Business Standard

India’s Big Climate Move

Recent revisions to India’s tax policy will give states new incentive to maintain forests. Jonah Busch explains (and celebrates) the change. 

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Mans Unides

Banking on Disaster?

Curious about catastrophe bonds? Theo Talbot and Owen Barder explain how they might help stem future global emergencies. 

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Zimbabwe’s Economic Meltdown: An Insider’s View

Hyperinflation. Food shortages. Political conflict. These are just a few of the issues Tendai Biti faced as finance minister. He tells the story in a new essay.  

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The Next Financial Crisis

How would emerging economies handle another global financial crisis? Liliana Rojas-Suarez’s new resilience test shows Argentina and India should be worried. 

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USAID’s Future Leadership

What characteristics matter most for the next USAID administrator, and what should be at the top of her or his agenda? Ben Leo and Casey Dunning sound off. 

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OECD Development Centre

Who Will Succeed Kaberuka at the AfDB?

The African Development Bank is holding an open and competitive process to select its next president. Todd Moss shares what he would ask the eight candidates.

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Middle East Stability

Nazanin Ash calls on US engagement to focus more on stability and growth. The twice proposed—and twice rejected—Middle East Incentive Fund could help.

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