Global Development: Views from the Center

Global Development: Views from the Center features posts from Nancy Birdsall and her colleagues at the Center for Global Development about innovative, practical policy responses to poverty and inequality in an ever-more globalized world.


Turning a Page on Egypt?

The Obama administration released a remarkable set of decisions on Egypt policy yesterday which, if followed through and supported by Congress, could signal a dramatic shift for US-Egypt relations.

Fueling the Data Revolution: an Africa Data Consensus

What areas in Africa have the most critical lack of data and what needs to be done about it? What lessons can be learned from existing data innovations in Africa? What other data revolution principles and concrete actions should Africa adopt? How do we reinforce the data capacity of African development actors?

Why We’re Expanding Our Mission (And You Should Too)

Some might say the Center for Global Development's mission to reduce poverty and inequality across the globe is already too broad.  But we do have to periodically take a break, stop, and ask the question:  who is being left out of the development agenda? The answer to that question leads us to wonder if we should change what CGD stands for.




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