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Global Health Policy Research Network

The Global Health Policy Research Network served as an umbrella for a large number of CGD initiatives that undertook original, focused research on high-priority global health policy issues.

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The Global Health Policy Research Network (GHPRN) brought together leading experts in public health, economics and other social science and technical fields to develop original, focused research on high-priority global health policy issues. The GHPRN worked to improve the outcomes of donor decision-making in global health by:

  • Providing a rich evidence-base about policy opportunities and constraints to effective public and private aid in the health sector;
  • Bringing new people and perspectives – both multidisciplinary and global – into health policy analysis to increase the robustness of the debate; and
  • Supporting the development of innovative solutions to global health financing and other policy problems

The Center for Global Development led the GHPRN with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As an independent, nonprofit policy research institute, the Center focuses on the question of how the policies of the U.S. and other rich countries affect the prospects for development in poor countries. With an independent, high quality research agenda, and collaboration with NGOs, civil society and the policy community, the Center is uniquely positioned to serve as the network’s home.


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