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Application to Health


CGD and external researchers are investigating applications of COD Aid in the health sector to help achieve goals such as improving maternal health, reducing child mortality, and preventing HIV/AIDS. The following papers offer proposals for these applications of a COD Aid approach.

Cash On Delivery Aid for Health: What Indicators Would Work Best?
This paper by William Savedoff and Katie Douglas Martel discusses key characteristics of a successful COD Aid agreement in the health sector and suitable indicators for goals such as reducing child mortality, maternal mortality, and the prevalence of malaria and HIV/AIDS.

The Health Systems Funding Platform: Resolving Tensions between the Aid and Development Effectiveness Agendas
William Savedoff and Amanda Glassman assess the Health Systems Funding Platform, challenges it faces, and how it could make global health aid more effective.

How to Pay “Cash on Delivery” for HIV Infections Averted: Two Measurement Approaches and Ten Payout Functions
Mead Over and Tim Hallett offer a proposal for how COD Aid can be used to help countries achieve measurable reductions in the rate of new HIV infections.

Using Incentives to Prevent HIV Infections
In the second of a series of three CGD essays, Mead Over discusses how the right incentives can help aid agencies and recipient country governments achieve success in HIV/AIDS prevention, and improve the measurement of these achievements.