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Rights and Permissions


Rights & Permissions

The Center for Global Development encourages use and dissemination of its publications under two conditions: that the material is attributed to CGD, and that the publications department is notified in advance. For inquiries regarding permissions, please contact the publications department by e-mail, publications@cgdev.org; or by fax, (202) 416-0750.

Review Copies

A limited number of complimentary copies of CGD publications are available to reviewers and other members of the media upon request. Please contact the publications department by fax, 202-416-0750; or by e-mail, publications@cgdev.org.

Exam Copies

If a CGD publication is being considered by a university professor for course use, please request an examination copy in writing on university letterhead. Specify the name of the course and estimated enrollment. Limit your request to three titles. Send the request by mail to Publications Coordinator, 1800 Massachusetts Ave. NW Third Floor, Washington DC 20036; or by fax, (202) 416-0750.