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Nick Kristof Win A Trip Contest Form 2016


Nick Kristof Win A Trip Contest Form 2016

US Foreign Aid Becomes Political Pickle (Al Jazeera)


From the article: At a time when there is a dire need for assistance in Europe and the Middle East to counter the refugee crisis in Syria, the US government's main international aid

How Trade Deals Like TPP Fail The Global Poor (Vox)


From the article: The Obama administration insists that the just-released Trans-Pacific Partnership is great not only for the US economy — "supporting more well-paying American job

Will More World Bank Lending Equal Less Poverty? (Devex)


From the article: Two years into President Jim Yong Kim’s controversial reform process, is the World Bank better or worse at fighting poverty?

The Real Benefits of Migration (Financial Times)


From the article: Woman with the guts to tell the truth over migrants,” applauded the Daily Mail.

Where The Girls Are (And Aren't): #15Girls (NPR)


From the article: The world's girls are healthier than ever. They live longer and more of them are going to school than at any time in history.

Better To Give (The Economist)


From the article: AT THE Tory party conference in Manchester, David Cameron proudly touted his promise to spend 0.7% of national income on foreign aid.

The Business Of Aid (BBC)


From the article: When it comes to helping populations in crisis, is it better to hand out cash or donate goods? It's an ongoing debate in the non-profit sector.

Measuring The Millennium Development Goals: The Quest To End Extreme Poverty (Fast Coexist)


From the article: Extreme poverty is the most obvious and visible indication that our society is unequal, and that the amazing benefits that technology and development

Princeton Economist Awarded 2015 Nobel Prize (NPR’s Marketplace Morning Edition)


From the article: This year's Nobel Prize in economics has been awarded to Angus Deaton.