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US-India Intellectual Property Rift - Arvind Subramanian and Kimberly Elliott

With the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) reported to be considering a downgrade of India, trade ties between the two countries are even rockier than usual. Worse, the decision could be announced soon after a newly elected Indian government takes office in May, potentially starting a new relationship on a very sour note.  Arvind Subramanian, a senior fellow at CGD and the Peterson Institute, recently warned about these risks in a piece in India’s Business Standard

Liliana Rojas-Suraez on La Hora N (Peru)

In this interview on “La Hora N”, the most respectable news program in Peru, CGD senior fellow Liliana Rojas-Suarez explains the effects of economic developments in advanced economies o

Scarcity: Why Having So Little Means So Much, an Interview with Sendhil Mullainathan

My guest this week, behavioral ecomomist Sendhil Mullainathan, is a Harvard professor and non-resident fellow at CGD who is transforming how people think about poverty, and what can be done to support poor people in improving their lives. Sendhil was recently at CGD to discuss his new book, Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Muchin which he explains that limited bandwidth—the ability to stand back from one’s life, assess trade-offs, and make rational choices—is a problem for all of us, but an especially difficult problem for those who live daily with scarcity.  

A NICE Idea for Priority Setting in Global Health – Amanda Glassman

In India, the government subsidizes open heart surgery but fails to provide sufficient vaccinations for all children. In Egypt, the government pays to fly affluent citizens overseas for advanced medical care, yet one-out-of-five Egyptian children are stunted—they are shorter and/or weigh less than they should for their age because of poor health and insufficient nutrition.

Liliana Rojas-Suraez on CNN en Español Dinero

In this CNN interview, senior fellow Liliana Rojas-Suarez analyzes the impact of financial weaknesses in China and anticipated further increases in US interest rates on the stability of Latin Ameri

Global Health Best Buys

This event will convene experts from implementing agencies, governments, researcher institutions, and the private sector to discuss and debate what makes a “best buy” in global health.

REDD+ Learning Session 21: Supplementing REDD+ with Biodiversity Payments

In this webinar, Jonah Busch, Research Fellow at Center for Global Development, discusses how an international REDD+ mechanism can be used to make payments for forests' biodiversity as well as for carbon emission reduction. Paradoxically, under conditions consistent with emerging REDD+ programmes, money spent on a mixture of carbon payments and biodiversity payments can incentivize the provision of greater climate benefits than an equal amount of money spent only on carbon payments.