Climate Change


The problem of rapid climate change is inextricably entwined with the challenges of development. Historically, high-income countries have been the largest contributors to climate change through the unbridled emission of heat-trapping gases, but poor people in the developing world are feeling the impacts first and worst. In more recent years, some of the world’s fastest developing countries have emerged as major greenhouse gas emitters. An effective response to the challenge of climate change will require recognizing and addressing the needs of all countries, including those of developing countries. Unfortunately, UN negotiations have failed to reach meaningful agreement and the United States, a potential leader, has been slow to act.

CGD’s research and policy engagement on climate and development is aimed at responding to the climate change crisis in two ways: by strengthening the intellectual foundation for an eventual international accord; and by offering research, data, and analysis that policymakers and others can act upon now, in the absence of an international agreement. CGD’s current climate work is informed by years of expertise in development assistance and deep knowledge of developing countries, and builds on our previous work led by David Wheeler on CARMA and FORMA. Recently, CGD has focused on tropical forest conservation as a double winner for both climate change mitigation and development.

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