The Future of IDA Working Group


IDA will likely face a wave of client graduations over the next 10-15 years, even under conservative assumptions. Projections from a recent CGD paper by Todd Moss and Ben Leo suggest that by 2025, IDA’s client base will be less than half its current size and almost entirely African, creating major implications for IDA’s operational model, future replenishments, its relationship with other multilaterals, and more.

In 2011 the Center for Global Development launched the Future of IDA Working Group, an effort to bring together serious scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to think through specific options for World Bank management and shareholders to consider. The group has been tasked with thinking through the implications for the business model of IDA as it faces a rapidly approaching wave of graduates, including some of its largest and best-performing clients.

The group aims to produce recommendations available as input to the IDA-16 Mid-Term Review in the fall of 2012.

This work follows previous CGD efforts to shape the World Bank, including the “The Hardest Job in the World: Five Crucial Tasks for the New President of the World Bank,” and a report prepared ahead of the IDA 15 negotiations, “The World Bank’s Work in The Poorest Countries: Five Recommendations for a New IDA.”

Working Group Members:

Jean-Michel Severino (Co-Chair)
Todd Moss (Co-Chair)
Owen Barder
Nancy Birdsall
Francois Bourguignon
Jessica Einhorn
Alan Gelb
Manuel Hinds
Ravi Kanbur
Devesh Kapur
Ben Leo
William Lyakurwa
Callisto Madavo
Ng’andu Magande
Elene Makonnen
Pradeep Mehta
Juan Antonio Morales Anaya
Vijaya Ramachandran
Enrique Rueda-Sabater
Andy Sumner
Finn Tarp
Jacques van der Gaag
Shengman Zhang