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CGD in the News

Can the Democrats Lead in Africa? (Huffington Post)

October 10, 2008

The Huffington Post published a blog on the development agenda of the next administration mentioning CGD president Nancy Birdsall and promotes CGD's book, The White House and the World.

From the article:

"The fact is, you don't just feed that person for a lifetime. You make it possible for that person to teach others, to build relationships, to create more profitable systems that improve the lives of everyone involved, in education, in health, and in a country's future. People in Rwanda value U.S. programs that build prosperity more than any other programs we currently fund because they see the immense potential to build health and wealth in their lives and their communities. Is this better for all of us? You bet it is. A fellow panelist at the RNC, Nancy Birdsall of the Center for Global Development, recently noted in her superb collection of essays, 'The White House and the World', that 45% of US exports go to developing countries and 10% of our labor force depend on those exports. Helping developing countries to generate wealth helps us."

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