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To contain the spread of coronavirus, Manila grapples with lockdown (Devex)

March 24, 2020

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“…With more countries adopting the measure, the question becomes not if they are effective, but how to make them effective. But data is sparse on best practices in implementing them.

‘No one is doing this very well at this stage,’ said Amanda Glassman, executive vice president and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development.

Dr. Kalipso Chalkidou, director of global health policy and also a senior fellow at CGD, said what’s happening globally today serves as a natural experiment.

‘Being able to record exactly what’s happening to the extent we can trust the data and then observe and draw conclusions and dynamically adjust the response, is the key to all of these,’ she said. ’It’s not easy right now to understand exactly what is working best, and we don’t have the single, one recipe for a successful response.’

A major issue with the quarantine in Luzon is the work stoppage and loss of public transportation. Daily wage earners and informal workers won’t have income sources for a month. Without public transportation, some essential workers, such as hospital staff, janitors, and food vendors, are forced to walk as the directive only allows the use of private vehicles.

On the first day of implementation of the enhanced community quarantine, reports of health workers and even patients walking for hours to reach the hospital filled the news…”

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Photo of Amanda Glassman
Executive Vice President of CGD, CEO of CGD Europe, and Senior Fellow
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Director of Global Health Policy and Senior Fellow