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The developing world faces a health, economic and security crisis that will dwarf the impact of Covid (Telegraph)

July 14, 2020

From the op-ed:

"Why has it been so hard for the rich countries to generate the political consensus to go beyond business as usual and challenge the international institutions and themselves to rise to this unprecedented crisis? 

It may be because the virus has appeared to advance more slowly in many developing countries than initially feared; or because the threat of their economic collapse is not as easy to visualize as Covid-19 deaths; or because there is pressure to prioritise financial support for people at home also struggling and concerned about the uncertainty ahead.

And yet, it would be a mistake to ignore the problems brewing abroad, particularly in low income countries and fragile states. It is here that the poorest, most vulnerable members of our global community are most likely to be found. Unless the international community acts to help them now, we should be prepared for human tragedies far more brutal and destructive than the direct health impacts of the virus."

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