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Foreign Aid Is Something That Makes America Great (The Hill)

January 13, 2018

By Cindy Huang

From the article: 

Over the past several weeks in a flurry of tweets, President Trump has repeatedly threatened to cut foreign aid to a wide range of countries if they fail to support his policies. While this may seem at first glance to align with his “America First” motto, the reality is that his approach fundamentally misunderstands the role of aid in US foreign policy.
Despite being less than one percent of the federal budget, our development and humanitarian investments play a critical role in protecting U.S. national security, and promoting American interests. Even if these twitter missives are more political theater than administration foreign policy, these threats to withdraw foreign aid in a tit-for-tat manner can have harmful consequences for the U.S.

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Co-Director of Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy and Senior Policy Fellow