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Global Fund must copper-bottom claims it has saved 27 million lives, say experts (The Telegraph)

January 25, 2019

From the article:

One of the world’s largest development funds risks “overstating” the number of lives it has saved and must improve transparency, experts have warned. 


But according to experts writing in the Lancet journal, the claim is based on “obscure” methodology, which risks overstating the fund’s role in reducing deaths from HIV/Aids, TB and malaria and taking credit for other people's work. 


The Lancet article suggests that the fund needs to more rigorously evaluate partner performance and prioritise evidence-based approaches to make a more compelling argument about why countries should invest once again. 

“Funders have tough choices to make," said Amanda Glassman, chief operating officer at the Center for Global Development. “A more grounded and evidence-based assessment of The Global Fund’s actual impacts would help the organisation make its case in the difficult replenishment cycle ahead.”

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Chief Operating Officer, Senior Fellow, and Board Secretary