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The global risk of “vaccine nationalism” (Vox)

July 27, 2020

From the article:

"Rich countries have more flexibility in being able to invest and ramp up production for themselves. But the vaccine supply chain is complex. Components come from all over the world, and different countries may specialize in a particular stage of vaccine production. The politicization of vaccines jeopardizes the efficient logistics, too.

'A vaccine is going to trigger people looking for ways through which they can get an upper hand in negotiating power to get supplies of a vaccine, especially countries which don’t have their own candidate or their own manufacturing capacity,' Prashant Yadav, an expert on health care systems and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, told me.

Yadav said this can create a world where, unless a country has something to offer, they’re more vulnerable when it comes to securing supplies for their own populations. During the Covid-19 emergency, where every government wants and needs to try to protect their population, Yadav said this risks fragmentation of the supply chains for vaccines and medical supplies more broadly. '[It’s] almost my nightmare scenario,”'Yadav said."

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