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Grim And Hopeful Global Trends To Watch In 2020 (And Fold Into A Zine) (National Public Radio)

January 2, 2020

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Cash will be king (of aid):

It's an idea that has been gaining popularity for more than two decades: Instead of giving poor people goods and services — say, a cow or job training — why not just give them money and let them decide how best to spend it?

Interest in ‘cash transfers’ — as this form of aid is often referred to — is likely to get even bigger over the coming decade, says David Evans, a senior fellow at the Washington, D.C., think tank Center for Global Development.

One reason is that researchers will increasingly be able to study the long-term effects of some of the earliest large-scale cash transfer programs — a series of government assistance schemes that began in Latin America in the late 1990s. Already "we're starting to see the first wave of long-term evaluations," says Evans, who is on leave as a lead economist at the World Bank...”

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