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Long Story Short #34: What the 'migrant caravan' means for US aid (Devex)

November 1, 2018

Hosted by Kate Midden

CGD blog, “US Regional Security amid the Caravan Debate”, by Michael Clemens and Kate Gough was mentioned on the Devex podcast, Long Story Short.

Episode description:

In response to an estimated 7,000 people making their way through Mexico from Central America — with the goal of reaching the U.S. border — U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to cut U.S. aid to the region.

In this episode, reporter Teresa Welsh and engagement editor Kate Midden explore why several thousand people across Central America have banded together for the journey, the differing U.S. government responses, and what cuts to aid could mean for the region. 

Listen here.

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Co-Director of Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy and Senior Fellow