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Most Out-of-School Girls from Excluded Minority Groups, Says Book

July 31, 2007

Three quarters of the millions of girls worldwide who don’t go to school belong to ethnic, religious, linguistic, racial or other minority groups excluded from mainstream society. In the World Bank's critique of Inexcusable Absence: Why 60 million girls still aren’t in school and what to do about it, CGD authors, nonresident fellow Maureen A. Lewis and visiting fellow Marlaine Lockheed, describe ways to increase schooling for girls in developing countries:

  • Altering education policies and addressing discrimination
  • Expanding options for schooling, such as nonformal schools and distance learning
  • Improving the quality and relevance of schools and classrooms
  • Supporting compensatory preschool and in-school programs
  • Creating incentives for households to send girls to school

From the article:

"Studies have shown that closing the education gender gap has a positive impact on economic growth. Educated girls are more likely to enter the work force, earn higher incomes, delay marriage, plan their families, and seek an education for their own children."