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A New Strategic Consensus on Foreign Assistance Must Begin with Global Health (Huffington Post)

March 13, 2009

An opinion piece published by the Huffington Post cites CGD's research on the U.S. global health agenda.

From the article:

"The Global Health Council and the Center for Global Development have eloquently argued for the need to bring coherence to the Global Health assistance agenda. While I cannot match their technical expertise or eloquence, I can add my voice to the debate. We must prepare a true Global Health strategy. This strategy must recognize and protect the importance of the various special issues but it must simultaneously promote integration and a more holistic look at the health sector in individual developing countries. While aiming to achieve real impact on people's lives, this strategy must also aim to strengthen and use local infrastructure. It is not enough -- and not appropriate -- for international NGOs to be directly providing services. We must simultaneously build local capacity -- if not, none of the results will be sustainable."

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