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The Nobel Prize in economics goes to 3 groundbreaking anti-poverty researchers (Vox)

October 14, 2019

From the article:

Since then, the approach has been expanded and refined and has utterly transformed the field. Development economics research using the tools and methods Duflo, Banerjee, and Kremer established and improved on is now conducted by hundreds of researchers and used by governments and NGOs all over the world to make critical policy decisions — from how to improve education to how to assist their poorest citizens to how to make a public health intervention work.

The prize, Duflo said in a news conference after the announcement, “really reflects the fact that it has become a movement, a movement that is much larger than us.”

“Few if any other methodological innovations in economics have so radically altered the everyday research practices of a field in such a short space of time,” Pamela Jakiela observed at the Center for Global Development.

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