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Relief package billions can’t buy hospitals out of shortages (Associated Press)

March 29, 2020

From the article:

“…Six weeks ago, the Center for Global Development warned that the U.S. should get ready to rapidly scale-up medical supply manufacturing. Minnesota’s 3M Co. was already ramping up, but only in the past week have many others followed.

A frenzied push to increase domestic production is too little and too late, said Prashant Yadav, a visiting fellow at the center.

Trump on Friday announced that he was using his power under the Defense Production Act to order General Motors to begin manufacturing ventilators — work that had already been underway, AP reported.

Yadav said that in addition to more supplies, states and hospitals need a better way to allocate medical supplies to the places they’re needed most.

‘The real challenge is not having a clear dashboard-like function that can help match demand and supply. Just infusing more cash doesn’t create that,’ he said Friday…”

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