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Rich Unlikely to Cede on Issue of Energy-Based Services (Financial Times)

November 26, 2009

The Financial Times published a Letter to the Editor citing CGD president Nancy Birdsall and senior fellow Arvind Subramanian on climate change.

From the article:

"Sir, Nancy Birdsall and Arvind Subramanian propose that the focus on emission reduction targets in the ongoing multilateral debate on climate change should shift towards research on improving energy/emission efficiency (“Forget emissions, focus on research”, November 18). They believe this could break the “gridlock” that has prevented realisation of a multilateral agreement on climate change at the forthcoming Copenhagen summit. But it is hard to see how resources—or the will of nations—could be mobilised towards climate change research without legally binding commitments on the part of leading industrial nations to cut down greenhouse gas emissions. Birdsall and Subramanian recognise that the world has to go on a “war footing” to bring about needed technological improvements, but that will not happen without individual countries agreeing to what needs to be done."

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