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Rory Stewart: DFID may come under greater FCO control (Devex)

June 27, 2019

From the article:

Despite fears that the U.K. Department for International Development could be merged with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office under a new prime minister, aid chief Rory Stewart has predicted that scenario is unlikely — but warned the department could face a “reorganization” that sees it brought under greater FCO control.

FCO has suffered major budget cuts in recent years and has a “legitimate claim” to additional resources, added Ian Mitchell, senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development in Europe — but taking over DFID is not the way to do it.

“There seems to be a false premise that, if DFID is overseen by the FCO, this will somehow mean more resources for the FCO. That isn’t the case and would likely just undermine the U.K.’s international reputation and effectiveness,” he told Devex.

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