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Sampling Size, Not Modi’s Touch, Boosted India’s Doing Business Rank: Report (The Wire)

February 6, 2018
From the article:
New Delhi: The Centre for Global Development (CDG), a US-based think-tank that studies global poverty and inequality, has dismissed India’s spectacular jump on the World Bank’s latest ease of doing business index as misleading, saying it is largely due to changes in the methodology adopted by the staff who prepared the report.
The think-tank has used the recent revelations by the former chief economist of World Bank Paul Romer – who alleged that the institution’s staff made unfair changes in the assessment methodology to show the government of Chile in a bad light – to examine India’s rise in the doing business rankings.
“Whichever method we use, once you iron out the methodological changes, India’s recent jump in the Doing Business rankings looks much more modest. To its credit, the World Bank office in Delhi cautioned against focusing on changes in the rankings when this issue reached public prominence in India,” says the blog titled ‘A Change in World Bank Methodology (Not Reform) Explains India’s Rise in Doing Business Rankings’ which has been jointly authored by Justin Sandefur, a senior fellow, and Divyanshi Wadhwa, a research assistant, of the Center for Global Development (CGD).

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