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Trump Says He Wants Better-Educated Immigrants. His Plan Does The Opposite. (Washington Post)

February 4, 2018

From the article:

THE TRUMP administration’s proposed immigration overhaul would cut not only immigrant inflow generally but especially the number of minority migrants, which may help address Republican fears about the long-term “browning” of the electorate — a trend that could benefit Democrats. Beyond that, one consequence of the administration’s goals may come as a surprise: It would slash not only the number of immigrants with a university or advanced degree but also the average educational attainment among immigrants who are admitted.
Those findings, in an analysis from the Center for Global Development, shine a spotlight on the fallacy at the core of the president’s policy. In his determination to minimize migration from countries he reportedly regards as “shitholes,” Mr. Trump also undercuts his claimed preference for a more highly skilled, educated pool of immigrants.

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