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U.N. migration compact: An opportunity for agricultural researchers to address displacement? (Landscape News)

September 20, 2018

By Jack Durrell 

From the article:

The Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, the first intergovernmental agreement at the U.N. level to address migration comprehensively, marks a significant milestone in the governance of international migration. 


Effectively addressing the adverse causes of migration will also depend on sustained financial and political support. The fact that climate-induced displacement is acknowledged in the Global Compact suggests that at least some political will exists.

But financial support may be less forthcoming: donor investments in agricultural research are falling or levelling off and funds targeting migration-related initiatives tend not to be sufficient enough to have any impact on population movements. As Michael Clemens and Hannah Postel of the Center for Global Development have argued: “Aid would need to act in unprecedented ways, at much higher levels of funding and over generations to sufficiently affect the drivers of migration.” 

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