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U.S. Foreign Aid Boss Highlights Success in Exit Memo, but Critics Say It's Time to Overhaul the Agency (Los Angeles Times)

February 6, 2017

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Scott Morris, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for Global Development, said much would depend on the Trump administration’s pick for leadership of USAID. “We just don’t know,” he said. 


Morris, who also directs the Center for Global Development’s U.S. Development Policy Initiative, said Feed the Future and Power Africa stood out as key accomplishments.

“Frankly, it would not have been obvious eight years ago that one would want to empower USAID with these major presidential initiatives in terms of the capacity of the agency,” Morris said. “I think that really has been a mark of change that they have successfully led these major presidential initiatives.”

Morris also pointed to reforms that have strengthened the agency, such as elevating its role within the government.

“It has a much clearer policy voice,” Morris said. “Senior aid officials are now sitting side by side with the generals ... in conversations and important discussion around security issues globally.”

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Photo of Scott Morris
Senior Fellow, Director of the US Development Policy Initiative