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Women Education Key to Better Family Lives (The Nation)

November 13, 2012

Senior fellow John May's keynote address at the Institute of Business Administration's conference "Population Wellbeing" is covered by The Nation.

From the article:

This was the 13th annual research conference where many scientific papers were presented and many guests of national and international prominence were invited. The conference was attended also by government officials, academicians, policy makers, researchers, civil society representatives, media advocates, program managers and students.

The keynote speaker was Professor John F May who is the Visiting Fellow from Center for Global Development, USA. He spoke at length on three themes: demographic transitions, human capital & well-being and political commitment in institutional setting. Within these themes he stressed on many points including the youth bulge, female education & economic activity, access to modern contraception, reproductive health and fertility planning.

Looking forward he said the population concerns are planned in the framework of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after 2015.

He stressed that researchers needed to convey their findings in a simple and convincing way to have an impact on the policymakers. As for policymakers he advised them to be proactive and implementers so Pakistan doesn’t lose the window of opportunity to reach development and economic goals.

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