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World Bank Health Projects Get Mixed Review (Lancet)

May 23, 2009

The Lancet quotes CGD deputy director, global health Rachel Nugent on the World Bank's health projects.

From the article:

"The Bank is not alone in facing these controversies; tensions between programmes for health-system strengthening and specific diseases have been running for some time. “The IEG report is important in giving the global health and donor communities an opportunity to air some views and have a debate that was heretofore behind the scenes”, says Rachel Nugent, deputy director for global health for the Center for Global Development, Washington DC, USA. “Now, the question is how to change that performance?” First, “the Bank should set transparent goals for the HNP portfolio and engage with stakeholders in discussion about whether it is reaching those goals”, she says.
HNP strategy is now focused on synergy between health-system strengthening and projects for specific diseases. Nugent notes that much material is already available on “what works and what doesn’t” for global health improvements. It is time, she says, to follow basic principles on “clarity, conduct, and coherence”."

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