Albert Einstein, Zimbabwe's Well-Suited Snakes, and New Depths of Futility!

February 02, 2009
Yes, yes, there is finally agreement on Morgan Tsvangirai joining the national unity government in Zimbabwe. But before anyone gets their hopes up too far, let's remember what Robert Mugabe did immediately after signing the power-sharing deal last September: grabbed all the meaningful cabinet posts, blocked Tsvangirai from travelling, and launched a new campaign of violence and kidnapping against human rights activists. Why should SADC – or anyone – expect things to be different this time around? Speaking of Albert Einstein's "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," we have news today that the central bank has a new way to fight hyperinflation: cut off 12 zeros from the currency. Ooops, wasn't that just tried twice before to no effect whatsoever, the last time only 6 months ago? The only benefit I see is the increasingly humorous, if sadly delusional, statements coming out of the man who brought the world the first $10 trillion bank note, central bank governor Gideon Gono. His latest gem must be the only monetary policy statement in history that makes personal excuses for the Governor and blames "snakes in suits."


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