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BonoLast year at the G8 summit in Gleneagles Scotland, Development had the attention of the world’s richest countries. Live 8 a free concert held simultaneously in several major (rich-world) cities created a public awareness of the issues faced by the world’s poorest and called many to action. A leading Development advocate, Bono, brings the issue of ending poverty back to the global community today through Yahoo Answers by asking the world, What can we do to make poverty history?

Because of people like you, leaders of the world’s richest countries met in July 2005 and made a number of historic promises to help end the kind of extreme poverty that is needlessly killing 9,000 people a day in Africa. Millions of lives and the future of a continent are at stake.

Answers are flowing in--and the “Yahoo! Answers staff note: This is the real Bono!”--add your voice and join the discussion.


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