After months of planning and preparation, we at CGD launched a newly revamped website yesterday. I’m feeling pretty pleased and hope that you and other friends and followers of CGD will like it, too. Merriam-Webster defines “togs” as:

a set of clothes and accessories for a specified use <riding togs>

I think new togs is fitting term for our freshly revamped website because we are offering much more than a fresh coat of paint.

Our new look and improved accessories are designed to help you quickly access our world-class research on global development and find innovative, practical ideas for reducing global poverty and inequality. We have also highlighted opportunities for you to get to know our experts and engage with us, through Facebook and Twitter as well as attending CGD events and commenting on our blog posts.

Here are some of the features of the revamped website:

  • Multiplatform. Our new site is designed to work nicely regardless of what device you use—whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, at the office, at home, or on the go.
  • Multinational. With the expansion of CGD in Europe and our new Understanding India and Latin America initiatives, we are expanding our ability to offer you content based on your location and  geographical interests.  The first step is to offer two homepages for you to pick from: U.S. and International.
  • Multimedia. We are incorporating richer media into everything we do at CGD: from live-streaming our events and enhancing our Wonkcast capabilities to making inventive use of video. Our new website will support our continued innovation.

A project of this size—with many thousands of pages of content to be moved to a new platform—requires the commitment and cooperation of many people.

I want to especially thank the folks at Forum One Communications for overall design and execution of the project; consultant David Hobbs, author of the Web Migration Handbook; CGD web technology manager Steve Perlow, who managed the entire project from Texas; and CGD publications manager John Osterman, who on top of his regular duties putting out some 100 CGD publications a year took the lead in our Washington office, coordinating the clean-up and review of thousands of pages of content.

Inevitably there will be glitches and there may even be things that we love that confuse or annoy our users. We welcome brickbats as well as bouquets. Please post your comments below, or write to me  and let me know what you think.

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