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As a recovering foreign correspondent who once benefitted greatly from a mid-career journalism fellowship at the University of Michigan, I have a soft spot for funders who provide opportunities for hard-working hacks to try new approaches to difficult topics. So I was delighted to learn that the European Journalism Center is offering grants for  innovations in reporting on development. Here’s the announcement:  

Journalists are encouraged to break away from the stereotypes of covering development issues and innovate the storytelling behind development. Journalists can apply for a minimum grant of €8,000, with the average grant given estimated to be about €20,000. The deadline to submit a story pitch is 26 February 2014. Apply via

We have a bunch of policy ideas here at CGD that could provide the research underpinnings for some excellent story telling. Michael Clemens’ work on migration, for example, could help to inform a story about how poor families view and use remittances (hint: investment return, not windfall). Tell your journalist friends!


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