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Energy is a colossal development issue, touching on virtually every aspect of human progress from health and education to job and wealth creation. Modern energy access got its own Sustainable Development Goal (#7), its own White House initiative, and a brand new star-studded innovation fund announced at Paris. It’s also a growing area for CGD’s own work and a personal obsession of mine

Here are my three all-time favorite videos about the power unleashed by delivering energy to people— and what we can do about it.

The Magic Washing Machine. Only Hans Rosling could turn washing clothes into a monumental event in human history.


Innovating to Zero by Bill Gates, a preview of his thinking that led to the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.


Energy Myths: Climate, Poverty, and a Reason to Hope, where Rachel Pritzker weaves her personal journey as an activist into a compelling case for how we can bring energy to the poor without destroying the planet. (Her passion and willingness to challenge comfortable truths is one of the reasons I'm delighted CGD will benefit from Rachel's ideas and wisdom as a new Board member.)


What are your favorites?

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