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This post originally appeared on CGD's MCA Monitor Blog and also appeared on the Huffington Post.

Word has it that the Administration’s candidate for MCC CEO has cleared the arduous vetting process. That would certainly be good news for the MCC staff who have been waiting 7 months to find out who is going to lead the institution through the next set of reforms and key decisions necessary to help ensure that the promises of an innovative model actually deliver better results that other programs. While I’m sure the Administration would prefer to hold the formal nomination until it can be announced jointly with a USAID Administrator nominee, I hope they won’t. Ditto for the President of OPIC candidate who is apparently also ready (or very close to ready) to roll. As the disappointing process to find a USAID Administrator drags on, I hope the White House will see the wisdom of energizing each and every development agency it can – as soon as it can – by appointing their leads. Each agency need to get moving quickly on putting its own house in order before deliberations can be held on consolidation. And I trust that USAID employees would not read any unintended political signs into the fact that the MCC CEO or the President of OPIC was appointed before their Administrator. We have got to get development back on track, delivering their good to anxiously awaiting customers. Then we can start debating the order of the train cars.

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