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It’s the time of year for “top” lists. At the CGD Global Health Policy Blog, we have decided yet again to highlight a combination of CGD’s and our reader’s favorite 20 blog posts from this year.

This year we celebrated the financial success of GAVI, and documented the troubles of the WHO and the Global Fund. We thought about new ways to address the HIV epidemic, analyzed the role of middle-income countries in global health, and looked at new methods for allocating health resources. We’ve covered everything from the NCD summit to the evolution of the GHI. Here’s to another year of great blogging!

  1. The Elusive Power of mHealth
  2. MASSIVE CORRUPTION! (…in Small Global Health Grants?)
  3. Still No Reason to Stall Male Circumcision, Forget the HIV Vaccine, or Throw Away Your Condoms
  4. Separating the Good from the Bad on HPV
  5. Is the Global Fund Growing Up or Selling Out?
  6. Are We Ready to Set Priorities for an AIDS-Free Generation?
  7. What Can We Learn from the Global Fund’s “Massive Fraud”?
  8. Pakistan’s Health Ministry to Be Abolished. Then What?
  9. Should We Pay Less for Vaccines?
  10. WHO’s Real & Urgent Crisis: Its Role in a Changing World
  11. A Tale of Two Tipping Points – HIV/AIDS and USG Funding for Global Health
  12. The New Bottom Billion: Implications for GAVI?
  13. Adapting Vaccines for Low-Income Countries
  14. Death by Tobacco: A Big Problem Needs Bigger Action
  15. Will the U.S. Lead on Global Health? Start with Vaccination
  16. Polio Eradication as Collateral Damage?
  17. Conditional Cash Transfers, Version 2.0
  18. Hard Choices on Health Care at Home and Away
  19. WHO and NCD: Another Unfunded Mandate?
  20. Driving Demand for Vaccinations


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