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This week's development policy news examined President Bush's development legacy and president-elect Obama’s development strategy.

Sample articles:
Hopes High for Foreign Aid In Obama Presidency (National Public Radio: 12/2/08)
Think-tanks and policy makers eagerly await President-elect Obama's plan for development assistance. Some experts argue for a cabinet-level Department of Development while others think Obama should create a sub-cabinet level department and fold it into the State Department.
Reflecting on His Tenure, Bush Shows New Candor (Washington Post: 12/2/08)
President Bush concedes that he has made missteps as president, citing aspects of the Iraq War and immigration reform. However, he touts the Presidents Emergency Plan For Aids Relief as one of the most important initiatives of his administration. His self-identified missteps and successes both relate to foreign policy signaling the importance and long-term impact of policy decisions that affect other countries.
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