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Graph of Mexico City Policy's Effect on Abortion Rates

A new study from Grant Miller et al. finds that the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits US foreign assistance to any organization that provides abortion services, resulted in an increase in abortions by as much as 40% in some sub-Saharan African countries.

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The UK government has recently ramped up the amount of aid that is directed towards research and development. While this can be positive in ensuring a sound research base for UK aid funds, this should not be seen as an opportunity to plug UK university funding deficits, or to "tie aid" to the UK economy.

Yellow Vest protesters in France. Photo by Thomas Bresson/Wikimedia
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Reforming inefficient and inequitable energy subsidies continues to be an important priority for policymakers, as does instituting “green taxes” to reduce carbon emissions.

Stock image of a decentralized network
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For all its faults, Facebook does not lack ambition. The company’s announcement last week that it, along with other members of the newly-formed Libra Association, intends to create a new global digital currency is big news for global finance and the future of money.