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The US is facing growing concerns about how COVID-19 could negatively impact maternal health & exacerbate racial inequities in care and outcomes surrounding childbirth—but there's an opportunity for reform ahead.

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DFC’s first domestic DPA loan is an opportunity to have a fresh look at the program and raise a new round of questions for the agency.


Today, 1.4 million refugees urgently await resettlement, and this number is growing. Less than a tenth of these people were due to be resettled in 2020, and COVID-19 will reduce this number even further.

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The prime minister’s most influential advisor, Dominic Cummings, is a champion of “effective altruism”—the use of evidence and careful reasoning to work out how to maximize the good with a given unit of resources. With the UK government in the midst of a major “Integrated Review” of its foreign, development, and defence policy—and the recent the formation of a merged Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office confirming it isn’t afraid of change—now’s a good time to consider whether the effective altruism movement can or should find great traction in UK aid programmes.