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A woman unloading a truck of supplies during the Ebola crisis. Photo by Sarah McElroy, USAID
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The theme of this year’s World Humanitarian Day casts a spotlight on women on the frontlines of humanitarian crisis.

A forklift moves pallets of USAID supplies. Photo by Lance Cheung/USDA.
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After seeing Congress repeatedly reject its proposals for drastic foreign aid cuts, the White House is once again making a late-breaking attempt to subvert Congressional budget intent. These measures are designed to look like good-faith steps to take stock of federal spending before the end of the fiscal year, avoid a frivolous spend-down of expiring funds, and conserve unused resources. The reality is far different.

Countries where poor women smoke more than rich women
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Are “sin taxes” regressive? This is a common criticism of proposals to increase taxes on “bads” such as tobacco, alcohol, and sugar. There are a number of reasons not to be too concerned by the answer to this question. But still, we were curious, so we took a look at the data.

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Want to reduce teen pregnancy? Build high schools. David Evans takes a look at that and four other recent research findings from around the global education world.