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Figure 2. Share of teachers with a higher degree by school type.
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Politicians often claim elite schools are vehicles for social mobility. We look at the evidence on effects on the kids who attend elite schools—and on the kids who don’t—to explore whether they live up to their hype. We suggest they produce at best a small bump in learning outcomes, but at a high cost (including to the children who don’t get in) and without doing a particularly good job of targeting the poor. We then consider what this means for policymakers in developing countries planning to rapidly scale up provision of secondary education.

Chinese investment in infrastructure in Africa
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This piece was first published by Friends of Europe, please see the original article

A figure showing the four target areas for research impact
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This blog post originally appeared as an Opinion piece, originally published by OnThinKTanks here. The series includes contributions from external authors and reflects their views.

A miniature man and a miniature woman standing at different heights.
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At their best, experts sitting in think tanks generate rigorous research and analysis inform policies and address the world’s most pressing challenges. But who gets to be counted among these experts? Are think tanks hiring, promoting, and compensating equitably and inclusively? And who is being left out of this group of experts, and, critically, what good ideas might we be missing as a result?