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A map showing percent change in ESDF for Sub-Saharan Africa from FY19 actual to FY21 request
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President Trump sent his fourth budget request to Congress last week—once again including steep cuts to foreign aid spending. We dug in to explore it.

Pie chart showing bilaterals and multilaterals make up most of Pakistan's creditors
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This week, World Bank president David Malpass took the unusual step of calling out the bank’s peer institutions, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and African Development Bank, for lending irresponsibly into unsustainable debt environments.

USDFC Monitor Logo
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Last week, the DFC board formally approved Andy Herscowitz (appointed by DFC CEO Adam Boehler with the support of USAID’s Mark Green) as the agency’s first Chief Development Officer (CDO). Herscowitz is a familiar face for the international development community, having served as the Power Africa Coordinator since its inception in 2013.  

Statue of Thucydides outside the Austrian Parliament. Adobe Stock.
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Increasingly, Washington views international financial organizations as weapons in the global struggle for the neoliberal economic model against China’s state-led approach to development. And often, the international financial institutions are the battlefield itself, in a conflict over voting shares.