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Bobby Pittman and Ladipoe
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I talk with Kupanda Capital's Bobby Pittman and rapper Ladipoe about development opportunities in Africa's entertainment industries, Bobby's experience working with Nigerian record label Mavin Records, and the inspiration behind Ladipoe's songs.

A textile worker at a sewing machine at a factory in Bangkok. Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty images, licensed by
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If combating climate change is now center stage for BlackRock, then eliminating global gender inequality should be next on the horizon for the corporation and its counterparts (Vanguard, Fidelity, State Street, etc.).

Mobile phone reception coverage map of Tanzania.
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Less than 45 percent of the area of Tanzania is covered by any form of cell phone reception. Telecom providers target high-population areas first, so the percentage of the population covered by the cell phone signal is 83 percent. But the problem is that the remaining 17 percent of the population, or 9.2 million people, is spread over 55 percent of the country—meaning the density of potential users is low. Especially because rural populations tend to be poorer than city dwellers, the revenue generated per cell tower may be too low to justify rollout.

A stock photo of a sheet of different numbers and metrics.
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How committed are countries to aid effectiveness? This blog accompanies a recent working paper on the effectiveness of international development aid and lays out indicator for measuring the quality of official development assistance.