Paul Polman
World Economic Forum/Monika Flueckiger

The Private Sector and Climate Action

What role can a corporate giant play in slowing climate change and advancing development? Frances Seymour chats with Unilever CEO Paul Polman about cultivating supply chains that reduce deforestation and protect indigenous cultures.

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Trump's First 100 Days

What does the evidence tell us about the development impact of President Trump's early policy decisions? Stay informed with our research on migration, climate change, US development agencies, and more.

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Three Choices for Jobs Few Americans Want

To avoid sky-high costs to US consumers and create better jobs for Americans, Charles Kenny says, US policymakers have three viable choices for filling low-paying farm and manufacturing jobs: keep foreign labor, continue importing, or use robots.

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Beyond Brexit

After Brexit, what opportunities does the UK have to improve global development? Find out through our Beyond Brexit series.

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USAID supplies

Good Sign for Trump's Development Policy?

President Trump's recent executive order on the National Security Council named the USAID administrator as a regular member of the Deputies Committee. What does that say about USAID's role in the new administration?

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Juan Arredondo/Getty Images

Using Trade to Support Women Workers

US trade agreements have included non-discrimination clauses since 2007, but women workers are still largely excluded from the benefits. Here are three ways to combat gender disparities in global trade.

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Flyer for international study in the US
Un Yarat

US Immigration Ban Would Hurt Colleges and Economy

President Trump's executive order on immigration could slow US economic growth, reduce IT innovation, and make college less affordable for US citizens.

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Adam Chandler

A Global Treaty to Halt Superbugs

Excessive antibiotic use in farm animals is accelerating the emergence of superbugs around the world. A new CGD paper outlines a global framework for reducing antibiotic use in livestock.

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Norman Maddeaux

Trump's Executive Orders

What does the evidence say about the potential impact of President Trump's early executive orders? CGD experts weigh in on policies affecting migration, global health, gender inequality, and more.

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Workers from Haiti on a farm in Alabama

US-Haiti Cooperation

How might the US support developing countries and strengthen its own economy at the same time? Bring in temporary foreign workers, a new CGD study finds.

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