UK and EU flags

Can the UK and EU Work Together on Development?

Mikaela Gavas lays out opportunities for continued collaboration and highlights challenges in the negotiation of the next Multiannual Financial Framework.

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Fresh produce being sold on the streets of Burma
Richard Nyberg/USAID

A Last, Best Chance for Food Aid Reform?

Republicans and Democrats have teamed up to introduce a new bill that would drastically reform US international food aid, writes Kim Elliott.

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"The story behind the results": A graphical depiction of the panel discussion topics

New Evidence on Results-Based Funding for Health

Amanda Glassman and Jessie Lu share takeaways from the first phase of the Salud Mesoamerica Initiative, a results-based funding public-private partnership for health in Central America.

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Alice Evans

The Anti-“Sausagefest” Episode

On the latest CGD podcast, Alice Evans talks social change, male bias, and how development organizations can better promote gender equality within their own ranks. 

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Plaza in front of Italian Parliament building

What the Italian Elections Mean for Development

Anita Käppeli examines the viable governing coalitions after the Italian election, and what each could mean for Italian development policy—particularly on security and migration.

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The opening text of the BUILD bill to create a US International Development Finance Corporation

Modernizing US Development Finance

A new bipartisan bill in Congress would create a full-service US development finance institution. Erin Collinson and Gailyn Portelance break down the potential development gains from this exciting new proposal. 

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Belt and Road Initiative investments and debt riskiness by country

The Belt and Road Initiative: Debt Risks & Implications

What implications does China's Belt and Road Initiative have for debt sustainability in the countries it funds? A new paper from CGD finds that at least eight countries with BRI projects will be particularly vulnerable to debt distress.

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Charts of debt levels in four African countries

A New African Debt Crisis?

After a decade of growth, debt stocks in some African countries are rising again.

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Hands typing on a keyboard

Assessing the Gender Gap at Global Development Orgs

This International Women’s Day, Charles Kenny and Tanvi Jaluka run the numbers on gender equality at global development organizations, including CGD.

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The White House

New Leadership at MCC

After a year without senior leadership, MCC finally has a CEO nominee. Sarah Rose presents five key issues that should be on Sean Cairncross's agenda.

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