Credit: Pippa Ranger/Department for International Development

Just How Good Are Global Health Evaluations?

Funders of aid programs are conducting more evaluations than ever, but are they rigorous enough? Bill Savedoff and Janeen Madan Keller offer 10 recommendations to improve evaluation quality.

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Photo of Donald Trump announcing a new immigration plan

The Evidence on the Benefits of Immigration

As the Trump Administration builds out its plan to cut legal immigration, CGD experts discuss the overwhelming benefits of immigration for the US economy.

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Refugee Compacts

10 Ways to Help Refugees

Low- and middle-income countries host most of the many millions displaced around the world. This World Humanitarian Day, read CGD's work on designing a compact to help both refugees and host countries.

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CGD Summer Reading List 2017 - Title Collage

CGD Summer Reading Guide

Need a book for that weekend on the beach? Check out what CGD experts are reading, from thoughtful explorations of the migration crisis to page-turning crime thrillers.

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Forests Can Help Us Achieve the SDGs

Achieving the SDGs with the Help of Rainforests

Tropical forests can help people live safer, healthier lives less affected by climate changeWell-managed tropical forests prov... Read Full Story

people wait in line for USAID supplies

Four Practical Steps to Jump-Start Foreign Assistance Reform

As Congress considers cuts, Cindy Huang and Jeremy Konyndyk propose a set of reforms to repair the existing fragmentation of US foreign aid.

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Photo of a circuit board

Technology, Innovation, and the American Dream

The bottom line of a new study on the economic impact of H-1B visas? High-skilled migration benefits workers in both India and the US.

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Kalipso Chalkidou

CGD Welcomes New Global Health Director

CGD is delighted to welcome Dr. Kalipso Chalkidou as a senior fellow and the new director of the Global Health Policy program.

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Christine Lagarde and Masood Ahmed at CGD in July 2017

Christine Lagarde on the World’s Economic Challenges

The latest CGD podcast recaps a recent conversation between Christine Lagarde and Masood Ahmed on the promise, perils, and future of the global economy.

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Photo of schoolchildren in Honduras
EU/ECHO/A. Aragón

Violence, Poverty, and Child Migration

What drives child migration in Central America—and why does it matter? Michael Clemens presents groundbreaking research on the relative effects of violence and economic drivers on migration from Central America to the United States.

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