vaccination center in Liberia
UNMEER/Aalok Kanani

A Push for Global Health

The first hundred days of the new administration should kick start an ambitious agenda in global healthWe recommend seven priority actions ... Read Full Story

Joyce Banda and Kakeny Ntaiya on the CGD Podcast

How to Tackle FGM and Early Marriage

On this week's CGD Podcast, former President of Malawi Joyce Banda and FGM survivor Kakenya Ntaiya explain why working with existing power structures is the most effective way to protect girls.

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Import tariffs on goods from developing countries

Who's the Best Trade Partner for Developing Countries?

As the UK weighs leaving the EU customs union, it's time to consider how its new trade policies might drive development. The CDI sheds some light on what other countries are doing well.

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The White House

Big Ideas for the Next President

Effective development policy is a staple of American global leadership. With three big ideas and three smart reforms, the next US administration can have outsized impact on urgent global problems.

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Wanted: More Women Peacekeepers

As of July 2015, a scant 4 percent of United Nations peacekeepers were women. With just a little money and direct incentives, the United States could increase the number of female peacekeepers fourfold. 

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NASA / Joshua Stevens

Disaster Relief for Haiti: Do's and Don'ts

Last week, Hurricane Matthew killed hundreds of Haitians and ravaged infrastructure. Matt Juden and Vij Ramachandran outline how policymakers and individuals should and shouldn't help.

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MDBs report cover

MDBs for this Century's Development Challenges

A major new CGD report calls for the World Bank and MDBs to be repurposed so they can better address urgent global problems such as climate change and pandemics.

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Climate milestones

India Commits to Climate Action

Last week, India reached a significant milestone by signing the Paris Climate Agreement. However, balancing climate action with increased energy access and growth is an ongoing challenge.

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Displaced children look out over a camp
Andrew McConnell/Panos for DFID

A Compact Model for Refugees

CGD and the International Rescue Committee present four principles for designing universally beneficial compacts among refugees, host countries, and the international community.

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World flags - World Bank/IMF meetings logo

World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings

At this year's annual meetings, the multilaterals should prioritize advancing global growth while leveraging investment in global public goods, says Alan Gelb.

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