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Why Are Geniuses Destroying Jobs in Uganda?

Inefficiencies in the global labor market mean that technological and entrepreneurial talent is now replacing low-skill jobs the world desperately needs, writes Lant Pritchett.

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The World Bank’s Biggest Deadbeat Donor

The US has the worst track record of any country in fulfilling funding commitments to the MDBs, with unfulfilled pledges now equaling US annual contributions to the MDBs. The problem is getting "too big to politely ignore," says Scott Morris.

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Rex Tillerson

Tillerson Hearings on Proposed Budget Cuts

Secretary Tillerson faced some tough questions on budget proposals this week, including the almost 30 percent reduction to the State Department. CGD experts weigh in on some of the key points we heard (and live tweeted).

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Tim Green

The UK Election: What's Next for Development?

Over 97 percent of MPs elected in the UK last week stood on manifestos that explicitly support development. Ian Mitchell and Owen Barder propose two ambitions for the emerging government.

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How Climate Defenders Can Match Words with Deeds

In the wake of the US’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, Jonah Busch reviews what cities, states, businesses, and other countries are and could be doing to prevent dangerous climate change.

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What President Trump's Budget Means for Foreign Aid

Our US Development Policy team breaks down the implications of Trump's budget proposal for US foreign assistance, including specific consequences for MCC, OPIC, military aid, and more.

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US Foreign Assistance Agency Briefs

How does the US government help developing countries? CGD explains the core development functions of USAID, the State Department, Treasury, MCC and OPIC.

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Masood Ahmed

Commit to Making a Global Impact

Join the CGD Society today to help drive policy innovation for development.

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Mariel Boatlift refugees

What the Mariel Boatlift Can Teach Us about Immigration

After finding a flaw in an influential study of Cuban immigrants to Miami, challenging the claim that their arrival reduced US workers' wages, Michael Clemens responds to questions about the new findings.

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Living off the Land or Pathway to Poverty?

Cutting down forests is often seen as a way to make a living for poor families, but Frances Seymour shows how deforestation can actually be a pathway to poverty. 

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