Norman Maddeaux

Trump's Executive Orders

What does the evidence say about the potential impact of President Trump's early executive orders? CGD experts weigh in on policies affecting migration, global health, gender inequality, and more.

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Workers from Haiti on a farm in Alabama

Shared Harvest

Video: How can the US support developing countries and strengthen its own economy at the same time? Bring in temporary foreign workers, a new CGD study finds.

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Masood Ahmed

A Message from CGD President Masood Ahmed

I am thrilled to start work today as part of the CGD team. I look forward to leading this remarkable institution in the years to come and to forging ever stronger partnerships with all of you.

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Màrtainn MacDhòmhnaill

How the UK Can Boost Trade for Development

Rich-world trade policies help shape the opportunities available in poorer countries. A new CGD report looks at how a post-Brexit UK could develop a world-leading trade for development policy.

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Trump: Deal or No Deal?

With the advent of a new "deal-maker in chief," Scott Morris warns that the evolving role of the private sector in US development policy may have unintended consequences for the public interest.

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2016 Commitment to Development Index

The CDI, which ranks rich countries on how their policies affect the global poor, highlights those who are doing the most, and offers ways for lagging countries to move up in the ranks.

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Of Sun Gods and Solar Energy

Politics, capitalism, and energy poverty are combining in strange ways across India. The result looks like progress—sometimes—says Kartikeya Singh.

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The Great Gold Heist that Never Was

Do trade data gaps in the South African mining industry suggest large-scale smuggling, or is there a more innocuous explanation?

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William Munoz

The Tillerson Hearings

Rex Tillerson, the nominee for secretary of State, testifies before Congress tomorrow on his qualifications to become the nation's top diplomat. We will be listening closely for answers to pressing questions about the future of US development policy.

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Scott Pruitt, new EPA head
Gage Skidmore

If Trump Drops Climate Protection, Will China Step Up?

Concerns about the future of US climate policy are escalating as President-Elect Trump adds more fossil fuel advocates to his cabinet. But the planet may have an unexpected ally: China.

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