Scatter plot of the availability of comprehensive and regularly updated data on SDG indicators

Tracking the SDGs

Good data is essential to measuring progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. With the UN General Assembly currently underway, let’s take a moment to review the status of the SDG indicators.

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A refugee receives cash assistance

What is the Real Cost of Accepting Refugees?

Michael Clemens rounds up the research on past refugee waves and finds that, with the right labor market policies, refugees can be a boon to a host country’s economy.

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Satellite image of Hurricane Irma
NASA/Antti Lipponen

USAID on Disaster Reconstruction

As the Caribbean picks up the pieces after Hurricane Irma, Jeremy Konyndyk calls on Congress to provide USAID the leeway it needs to maximize recovery efforts.

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Children play on a swing set in Liberia
UN Photo/Staton Winter

Partnership Schools for Liberia: Year One

Liberia is in the middle of an ambitious experiment to improve its schools through public-private partnerships. Find out how the project has fared so far, and how it might be improved.

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USDA/Lance Cheung

Happier Meals at McDonald's

McDonald's will no longer serve chicken treated with antibiotics critical to human health in certain restaurants. This decision shows the vital role consumers can play in reducing antibiotic use in livestock.

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CDI rankings 2017

2017 Commitment to Development Index

As the United Nations General Assembly kicks off, CGD's interactive Commitment to Development Index ranks 27 of the world’s richest countries on how well their policies promote global prosperity.

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Tobacco Companies Fail at Corporate Social Responsibility

The tactics of tobacco companies are as unethical as they are profitable, writes Bill Savedoff.

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Credit: Pippa Ranger/Department for International Development

Just How Good Are Global Health Evaluations?

Funders of aid programs are conducting more evaluations than ever, but are they rigorous enough? Bill Savedoff and Janeen Madan Keller offer 10 recommendations to improve evaluation quality.

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Photo of Donald Trump announcing a new immigration plan

The Evidence on the Benefits of Immigration

As the Trump Administration builds out its plan to cut legal immigration, CGD experts discuss the overwhelming benefits of immigration for the US economy.

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Refugee Compacts

10 Ways to Help Refugees

Low- and middle-income countries host most of the many millions displaced around the world. This World Humanitarian Day, read CGD's work on designing a compact to help both refugees and host countries.

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